The aim of this site is to provide news, analysis and strategic insight into energy sector issues in Japan. Our work is focused at the nexus of policy, macroeconomics, geopolitics, institutions and technology while highlighting the impacts on system-level change. In so doing, we hope to make it easier for our readers to gain strategic insights on the trends, opportunities and constraints facing Japan’s energy system.

Aim and purpose of this site

Japan Energy Report is not just a feed of industry news and current events – there are plenty of other sites that focus on that. Rather, we curate the news published here, provide insights and editorials and in so doing try to provide a longer-term perspective and strategic context for the changes that are underway in Japan’s energy sector. In so doing, we focus on six categories of articles to help give you a broad perspective on energy-related issues in Japan:

  • Energy policy
  • Energy transition
  • Energy and sustainability
  • Energy trade
  • Energy and society, and
  • The geopolitics of energy

(Note: On the blog page, just click on any of these categories to see all articles related to that category.)

Why Japan?

Japan is the third largest economy in the world after the U.S. and China. Other than South Korea, no other industrialized economy is as dependent on imports of energy resources as Japan.

Japan is…

  • the second largest net importer of fossil fuels in the world (after China)
  • the world’s largest LNG importer
  • the second-largest coal importer, and
  • the third-largest net importer of crude oil and oil products

Japan’s energy situation presents major opportunities and challenges and the country’s energy policies  have a significant impact on regional and global energy markets.