Our Story

Japan Energy Report (JER) was founded by Dr. Jeff Kucharski who combines a passionate interest in Japan with an academic interest in energy, security and international relations issues. The aim of JER is to provoke thought and engagement on energy issues affecting Japan, to produce high value news, analysis and commentary and to provide a space for visitors to share their comments and views on the issues. It is hoped that JER can provide strategic insights into Japan’s energy system and therefore fill a gap in knowledge of Japan’s energy system and the impact it has on global energy trends, trade and energy security.

Chief Editor – Dr. Jeff Kucharski

Jeff Kucharski is a strategic thinker, policy entrepreneur and international business facilitator whose career has been strongly focused on initiatives to improve the ability of companies to do business internationally, particularly in Asia. Over the course of his broad and diverse public service career in Canada and Asia, Kucharski held roles responsible for international business and trade development, policy development, strategic planning, strategic partnership building, national and international government relations, energy regulatory affairs and project management. He has traveled extensively in East Asia since the 1980’s and has headed a Canadian Consulate in Japan, a trade office and an industry association office over the span of his career. Dr. Kucharski is both a practitioner and an academic who aims to bring lived experience to his research and teaching. His academic research interests include energy policy, energy trade, low-carbon transitions and the geopolitics of the international energy business.

Dr. Kucharski holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta (1981), a Master of Business Administration from the University of Alberta (2001) and a Doctor of Energy Science from the Graduate School of Energy Science, Department of Socio-environmental Energy Science, Kyoto University in Japan.